Sunday, 17 April 2011

Installing a snofa


A SNOFA, I am sure you know,
is really such a dream;
the inbuilt speakers grow and grow
much greater than they seem.

All houses need a Snofa port
that soon will lounge around,
until that first great gasping snort
a metre from the ground.

Supposing yours a female home
- no installation’s there.
A Snofa’s man’s best friend alone,
reclining anywhere.

Once fed and watered, any man,
with Snofa and TV,
will up controls, jam, rave, he can
snore Band Aid most loudly.

So take this Snofa warning well,
no sofa has a snore
until a man’s install-primed bell
is full and asks no more.

Note: SNOFA (or SNORFA) – Snoring Nasal Oriface (Reclining) Furniture Aid.

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