Thursday, 20 January 2011

Come into the Teashop, Maud


I told him of the lady
who wanted fine romance.
She wished for wining, dining;
he led her a song and dance.
I told him how she led him
into a garden bower.
His hayfever was shocking,
their first date: somewhat sour.

I told him of a dandy
that put her dress to shame.
His scarves and hankies – handy –
when she sneezed just the same.
I told him how he led her,
fast, up the garden path
into a stifling tearoom;
iced buns and wasp-sting’s wrath.

I told him of a couple
on a park bench – fifty years!
She giggled at the romance;
he stifled aches and tears.
I told him, so he heeded,
and wooed me safe indoors
with wining, dining, sneezing
and giggling, stinging chores.

Inspired by Love, S T Coleridge.

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